Updated: Feb 20, 2020

When it comes to marketing your business we all know getting the best bang for you buck is the ultimate goal. However most of the time we are left with subpar results because we have to focus our efforts on one or maybe just a few channels because of the expense and/or time it takes to manage them. What if I told you there was a cost effective tool that could handle all of your marketing efforts for you and work as your own 24/7 virtual business development center? Ikonic Digital Marketing has the solution you've been looking for...



✓  Reduced ad spend.

✓  Increased sales opportunities for in-market/conquest buyers.

✓  Increased organic web traffic.

✓  Increased conversion rates.

✓  Increased traffic and sales opportunities.

✓  A path to reducing third-party vendors (Autotrader, etc.).

✓ A foundation for dealerships to have unlimited opportunities

✓ Information for sale teams to better qualify customers

✓ Protection from your dealership being geo- fenced by competitors

✓ Increased overall sales revenue with decreased marketing spend = more net profit

What exactly is Digital +


Ikonic Digital Marketing is now offering business access to their lost and Abandoned Visitors generated from their own website!

Many businesses are spending $5,000, $10,000, even $50,000 or more to drive visitors to their website. Yet only 3% of those visitors request more information or an appointment

We provide your business with the missing visitor data and follow up in real time.

IKonic Digital Marketing guarantees that your abandoned visitors will never go unnoticed again!

Captures the contact information of

  • Your website Abandoned Visitors

  • Your competitor’s store traffic

  • Consumers actively searching online

Automated Real-time Virtual BDC Follow-Up

  • Personalized email when data is available

  • Custom banner ads to market & retarget for 30 days

  • Contact information sent directly to your CRM or email

  • Daily management reports (this provides an execution strategy)

Additional follow up

  • Facebook Audience Targeting


What it is

The most advanced location based mobile advertising technology powered by latitude and longitude Retarget users (after they leave) who have been to a specific location instantly for 30 days via banners ads and a customized email when available

Sale vehicles off your competitors advertising budget. We provide data on close to half the potential customers that visit their dealership

Conversion Zone

Conversion zones allow advertisers to track the number of people who come to your location after visiting another geo- fenced location Receive a weekly recap to assure you conquest campaign is optimized

Expected Results

  • 3000 Opportunities

  • 1000 In the market to purchase a vehicle

  • 250 25% purchase from the 1st dealership they visit

  • 750 Remaining opportunities

  • 675 Opportunities with accurate data

  • 67 10% appointment rates

  • 17 25% close rate

This tool alone can provide 17 conquest units

Potential gross profit 17 units @ $2500 = $42,500


Conversion zones actions allow advertisers to track the amount of physical traffic to their location after a customer has visited a targeted geo-fenced location

Identify audiences responding to advertising by visiting a physical location as opposed to only a click or a call

The most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising.


What it i

  • As users browse the web, we show ads based on the content of the site they are visiting

  • Keyword contextual does not involve an active search, but instead, is based on the information of the particular page of the website

  • This tool allows our dealerships to eliminate SEM (AdWords campaigns)


What it is

  • As users search for your key competitors names and targeted keywords, we retarget these individuals and show ads for your product

  • Unlike Keyword Contextual, this tactic does require a person actively search online


What it is

  • We target certain page contexts or categories based on the websites products and services

  • Example: We can target pages categorized as “Trucks” for a local auto dealership looking to target truck owners or those interested in buying a truck

  • This tool allow dealerships to eliminate 3rd party listing site ad spend


The best offense is a DEFENSE.

Eliminate competitors from trying to steal your customers right off your showroom floor! One of the only products in the nation that helps make sure your dealership is not a victim of Geofencing.

The Bottom Line

The early bird gets the worm.

Everyday we are helping your competitors target customers off of your marketing efforts. We gain access to their personal information, buying habits and over 300 data points in order to market your competitors product to them where they live, on their phones. With IKonic Digital + this doesn't have to be the case. Call or message us today to safe guard your business from the competition and help you dominate your market.


With IKonic Digital + You'll Spend Your Marketing Dollars Smarter, Not Harder.

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