Updated: Feb 20, 2020

THE 2020 FACEBOOK AD'S GUIDE FOR AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS: Using the right ad types to move the right inventory.
THE 2020 FACEBOOK AD'S GUIDE FOR AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS: Using the right ad types to move the right inventory.

2020 is practically here and many dealerships are still operating like it's 1999. Here I will share with you the types of ads your dealership should be using to fully take advantage of the power of social media marketing. Facebook has over 2 BILLION ACTIVE USERS and has quickly became the most powerful and cost-effective ways to spend your ad dollars. Due to Facebook's varying types of ads you can target your potential customers at every stage of the buying process. The old school method of getting potential customers to click through your links or comment on your post is becoming more and more difficult. It's time you take your ad campaigns to the next level by using the cutting-edge methods that they've rolled out for precision targeting and higher conversions. Now it's time to take a look at these Facebook ad types and learn how they can help your dealership generate more buzz and sell more cars.

Slideshow Ads: Brand Awareness

I'm sure you've noticed your Facebook newsfeed is full of videos these days. On average Facebook is seeing over 8 BILLION DAILY VIDEO VIEWS and I'm sure you wouldn't be surprised to find out that video content has the highest engagement rates across their platform. I'm sure you're thinking what most people think when it comes to video, "isn't it expensive and time consuming to produce quality videos?" and the answer is no but if you're looking for a quick solution Facebook has the answer. With Facebook's slideshow ads, you'll be able to take your images and turn them into a seamless video. You simply select up to seven photos, add some audio and any text overlays you want and boom, you've got a video. This can be an easy and affordable way to showcase the various departments in your dealership or show off all the hot trades you've taken in over the weekend after your dealership finishes up with an SME Facebook Marketing Event (more on that later)!

Lead Generation Ads: Sales Leads

Now this is our bread and butter and honestly the best way to get people walking through your door. Lead generation ads come in a number of different shapes and sizes. You could target people in the market for a new vehicle, hit them up with trade buyback events or entice them into your store using service coupons and the list goes on and on. By using highly targeted campaigns you'll be able to reach the types of prospects you are looking for and track your success. If one ad doesn't work well you can easily stop it and try something new.

The best part? Facebook fills out part of the contact forms for users, so more people will be likely to submit the form to your dealership, resulting in a higher number of conversions. Facebook also partners with some CRMs to automate getting your leads into the CRM.

Rather than logging information by hand, your team can now spend its time following up with prospects and re-engaging cold leads.

Retargeting Ads: Reminders

What is retargeting? In Facebook advertising, it’s a strategy to send 'reminder messages' to customers who visited your site but never completed a form submission, checkout or other conversion action.

Don’t miss out on customers who aren’t clicking or converting the first time around. Using Facebook targeting tools like the Pixel, your dealership will stay top of mind and ultimately, drive more conversions.

There is a whole facet of ideas that you can use for a successful retargeting campaign on Facebook. Some examples could include: reminders of current offers and when they end, first time buyer deals, trade allowance coupons, more options for vehicles they've looked at or just creating a general sense of urgency in one way or another.

Dynamic Ads for Auto: Right Inventory, Right Buyer

Using the Facebook Pixel, Facebook dynamic ads automatically generate ads based on user activity on your dealership’s site. Potential customers will see ads that direct them to relevant inventory pages, lead forms or any other page on which they might have shown interest. Most importantly, your potential customers will always be shown the vehicles most relevant to them. What does this mean for you? Increased engagement.

All you’ll need to provide is an inventory catalog with information like price, location, and availability. Facebook will use this list to incorporate that information into the ads. After the initial set up process, your work is done. Facebook serves the right ads to the right buyers so that you can focus on selling. You'll see this technique being used by many of the big players in the industry such as CarGuru, Autotrader, etc...

Facebook Marketing Events: Lead Creation, Management and Appointment setting.

HUGE FACEBOOK MARKETING EVENT: Our events generate an average of 40+ appointments and 26 car deals in a 7 day period. Call today to find out more.
HUGE FACEBOOK MARKETING EVENT: Our events generate an average of 40+ appointments and 26 car deals in a 7 day period. Call today to find out more.

One of the most effective ways we at IKonic Digital Marketing have found to sell cars using Facebook is through hosting sales events. We create an affective ad based on several factors including your client demographic and geographical location that drives engagement. We run your event for an average of 5 days and our BDC will handle everything from initial interest all the way to the appointment setting. On average dealerships that sign up for our events are seeing 60K+ impression, 400+ engagements, 40 - 60 appointments set and that translates to an average of an additional 26 cars in a one week period. There is no added burden to your BDC or sales floor other than handling the customer when they show up for their appointments.

At the end of the event our BDC will continue to retarget those who expressed interest and we are seeing an additional 5 - 10 deals after the event ends.

Tailored Facebook Ads for Your Dealership

Here at IKonic Digital Marketing, we work with you to create and execute a Facebook advertising strategy to help you reach your sales goals. Contact us today to learn about our customized Facebook advertising solutions for auto dealers.  



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