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In the world of digital marketing change is going to happen and staying ahead of those changes is essential to the life or death of your business. Staying up to date on new products, technologies and techniques is crucial to your survival. Forward-thinking strategies have to be implemented in a timely manner in order to stay ahead of the competition and being just one step behind can cost you huge marketshare. 2020 is going to be another great year for marketing but you have to know where to spend your marketing dollars and efforts. Here is a peak into the trends and technologies we at IKonic Digital Marketing feel like you should be focusing your efforts and ad dollars on.

Content Marketing 

Content is and will probably always still be the king of the castle even in 2020. In times past we've seen that a quantity over quality trend was starting to emerge but that's likely not going to be the case going forward. In todays society consumers are inundated with excessive amounts of content, so quality content is going to stand out. When strategizing for 2020, diversify your content strategy and change up the way you attract customers by creating more videos and interactive types of content. Regular blogging or longer forms of written content are will remain to be very important as they are key contributors to driving visibility and strong SEO. Content is the spark that makes your marketing strategy light up, but content that is overused, saturated, or posted for the sake of posting will almost always have a negative affect on engagement. The point of creating content should not be just to simply make something to put out in order to check off the list but it should drive engagement and further the reach of your brand.

Digital marketing continues to evolve at the speed of light. It's imperative to adapt and evolve with new marketing trends to in order to stay competitive in 2020 and retain high-quality customers. Setting an intention to learn and integrate new innovations will help set your company apart from the rest.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the model of engaging customers in real-time, capturing their needs, and intuitively connecting them with solutions. Conversational marketing has historically taken the form of live chat or inbound phone support but is quickly moving in the direction of chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML).

Today, in the internet age, our customers have very little patience due to the fast pace of life and their busy schedules. Because of this potential customers expect immediate response or answers to their questions. Being able to engage with your consumers in a timely manner is imperative to marketing in 2020.

42% of people expect an immediate response (within 5 seconds), and 36% expect a response within 5 minutes.   — 2019 State of Conversational Marketing

This is where conversational marketing starts to come into play. Timely and precise communication has become a priority for consumers no matter what product or service you are offering. Automated responses are starting to become less and less accepted so having a team of costumer service agents ready to answer incoming messages is imperative when it comes to keeping your customers happy.

Conversational Marketing is here and we don't see it going away anytime soon. In 2020 you need to make sure to have a system in place to respond to your customers inquires in a timely manner.

AI/ML Powered Data Management

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have been talked about for years but we haven't seen it starting to be used on a broad scale until recently. With nearly everyone living online these days the amount of data that is collected can be difficult to sort through and bundle for use by sales and marketing teams. AI/ML technology is making it easier to process the information, identify patterns, interpret digital marketing trends and make solid recommendations. From lead scoring to persona insights and customer segmentation, AI/ML can help to streamline data consumption and enhance activities across all digital marketing organizations.

In 2020 we can surely expect to see various marketing technologies incorporate AI/ML into their reporting and recommendation functionality as marketers look to understand more about the global market.



Despite the growing surge of artificial intelligence (AI/ML) in the digital space, believe it or not, customers still want to relate to a company or brand. As automation continues to grow, it is even more important that you connect with your customers in a personal way. Generic email blasts to a huge lists of thousands of people just won't cut it in 2020. Personalized groupings of newsletter pushes based on customer history and data will outperform mass blasts every time. Segment your email lists into categories and study consumer behaviors to personalize each push. Every consumer wants to be treated as an individual and the key to good digital marketing is making them feel that way. Create different ads for different ad sets and segment your marketing efforts in order to be more personal. 2020 is going to be huge for e-commerce and personalizing your messages is going to be a key element to creating campaigns that work.

Community Marketing

Community marketing is a way for brands to drive affinity by creating spaces for people to discuss shared interests, answer common questions, and build relationships. Communities have been around forever, so why are they still relevant in 2020?

People are craving community now more than ever. Social media groups, meet-ups, online forums — the world is looking for like-minded individuals they can trust. As marketers, building a robust community that allows people to achieve this objective is not an easy task. With patience, dedication, and a commitment to customer-centricity, community marketing will enable strong bonds and big payoffs for your brand in 2020.

Beyond The Marketing Funnel 

For those of you still using the 'funnel' approach to marketing, it's time to step your game up. The funnel approach is stale and may be one of the reasons behind your declining sales results. Flywheel marketing founded by Hubspot, takes an innovative view of the buyer journey and uses all client-facing roles such as customer service, marketing, and sales to interact with customers at every stage--even past the point of purchase. The funnel approach focuses on attracting new customers and engaging them in a business or service to turn them into a quantifiable lead. The flywheel approach continues to attract, engage, and delight the customers even past the point of purchase, meaning the company continues to interact with customers instead of treating them as one-time-only prospects.

Social Media Shopping 

This marketing trend is already taking the world by storm. With the click of a button, you can go from scrolling on Instagram to populating your credit card information and completing a purchase. Shoppable posts have shortened the sales funnel by eliminating steps from awareness all the way to the point of purchase. E-commerce sites are taking advantage of this trend by using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to take you from prospective buyer to customer with a simple click of a button. Shoppable posts have been gaining traction for a couple of years now, and we predict will be the norm for 2020 marketing strategies. 

Consumer Privacy

A lot will be happening around privacy in 2020. Recently enacted European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have reaffirmed the need for businesses to think about privacy when managing details about its customers. So much so that marketers are required to think carefully about how they use cookies when advertising their products.

So how do marketers pivot to address this changing landscape? In order to comply with new regulations, we expect to see an increasing number of marketers prioritize privacy. But more so than just for compliance, we see privacy as the catalyst marketers will use to put customers at the center of everything they do. This will place emphasis on 1st Party Data collection and will refine the list of 3rd Parties qualified to manage the data used to inform strategy and navigate upcoming digital marketing trends.

In addition to rethinking data management, we also expect marketers and martech companies to look for alternatives to the ‘tried and true’ usage of tracking cookies. In 2014, anticipating the ‘crumbling cookie,’ the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) formed a working group of technology experts to rethink data transparency and privacy controls. The product of these discussions has prompted investment into things like advertising IDs (as used across Google and Apple ecosystems) and 3rd Party software solutions that include device-based statistical identification and universal login.

The Forecast for 2020

When trying to pick up on trends in the digital marketing industry it can be a delicate balance between using smart analytics and being creative. The above mentioned trends will surely help to keep your head above water in 2020 and implementing them along with some of the amazing new digital technologies will help you dominate! Below you will find some of the best tools and technologies that we have found to promote any business or brand.



This is by far the​ best conquest tool the industry has ever seen. Grow your market share off your competitors marketing efforts. We target clients at your competitions locations, collect data and send a specific marketing message in real time to their customers in order to drive traffic to your dealership. This will increase your daily traffic with in-market clients and ultimately help you to sell more of your inventory


Target consumers based on location while they are truly in-market based on satellite-drawn 3 ft x 3 ft square blocks. This technology allows you to reach consumers while they are out and about and truly in-market. Capture your competitor's foot traffic and incentivize them to visit your location. 



SiteSee combined with automated intelligence creates automated marketing messages with laser beam focus based on the activity on your website to increase form submission. Get access to over 300 fields of data including credit score, income, net worth, full vin of trade, purchase predictor, age, length of residence, wether they own their home or not and much, much more. 


"Caller ID on Steroids for your Website" is what our clients are saying about our technology that ties BIG DATA to your website visitors in real-time. SiteSee matches contact info + 300 fields of information to your web visitors whether they fill out a lead form or not. SiteSee shows you how they arrived at your website and what pages they viewed.



Engage new customers by showing them ads that resonate with the content they are already consuming. Contextual targeting looks at thecategory or keywords of the current page a consumer is viewing and then serves them ads that are highly relevant to that content. So, viewers only see ads they’re interested in, and you only serve valuable impressions to the right viewers.


We target certain page contexts or categories based on the websites products and services

Example: We can target pages categorized as “Trucks” for a local auto dealership looking to target truck owners or those interested in buying a truck

This tool allow dealerships to eliminate 3rd party listing site ad spend


As users browse the web, we show ads based on the content of the site they are visiting

Keyword contextual does not involve an active search, but instead, is based on the information of the particular page of the website

This tool allows our dealerships to eliminate SEM (AdWords campaigns)


As users search for your key competitors names and targeted keywords, we retarget these individuals and show ads for your product

Unlike Keyword Contextual, this tactic does require a person actively search online



There are approximately 330 million consumers in the United States. IKonic Digital Marketing currently has over 300 fields of information on 270 million Americans, with permissible and compliant use to reach them. Below you will find just some of the many data points we collect.


Want to know what type of vehicle they drive. We currently have relationships with over 1500 entities throughout the US that feed us car owner data. Using our dual corroboration record technique, no record of John Smith attached to X-Vin will make the master file.


Our database of voter data is huge and includes some key data points that may be of interest to your campaigns. Not only will you have access to their political party preference, you'll also be able to tell if they are married, have children, which elections they voted in, religious choice, home owner or renter and much more.


Our credit data is on average plus or minus 7 points accurate when compared to a true credit score. We built an algorithm using a large database that required credit bureau data, but wasn't credit bureau data so we can sell a product that doesn't require you to go through the FCRA compliance protocols, i.e. approved lender firm offer of credit, a lot of paperwork, etc.


We license a network of over 4000 source URLs, including Netflix, Travelocity, Expedia, eTrade, Scottrade, etc to collect our data. Currently, we take in about 20-30 million records per month that are opt-in for third party offers. We actually collect the opt-in credentials to prove it and our master database has over 230 million records available nationwide. Each email is ran through our ping verification, SMTP checks and permission passes before adding the email to our market-ready file.


We've collected a huge master list of postal data and run a Change of Address on all of our databases every 60 days. We also run Delivery Point Verification and Coded Accuracy Support Systems insuring our data is up to date.



Geo technology is here and is by far the​ best conquest tool the industry has ever seen. It allows you to grow your market share off your competitors marketing efforts. Chances are if you're using this technology to grow your business your competition is too. That's why we have developed SKYNET to protect you from just that.


Eliminate the risk from competitors trying to steal your customers right off of your showroom floor! One of the only products in the nation that helps protect your business from Geofence targeting. Don't be a victim, protect yourself with our Skynet service.



Using the Facebook Pixel, Facebook dynamic ads automatically generate ads based on user activity on your dealership’s site. Potential customers will see ads that direct them to relevant inventory pages, lead forms or any other page on which they might have shown interest. Most importantly, your potential customers will always be shown the vehicles most relevant to them. What does this mean for you? Increased engagement.

All you’ll need to provide is an inventory catalog with information like price, location, and availability. Facebook will use this list to incorporate that information into the ads. After the initial set up process, your work is done. Facebook serves the right ads to the right buyers so that you can focus on selling. You'll see this technique being used by many of the big players in the industry such as CarGuru, Autotrader, etc...



IKonic Digital Marketing would like to introduce their Automated intelligence software: the nation’s first Virtual BDC that includes UNLIMITED data and personalized follow-ups, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365 days a year. Completely automated and in REAL TIME. Do yourself a favor, start counting CASH at night, not sheep!


There​ are many ways to source your data including...

  • Abandoned Visitors

  • Geo Tech

  • Keyword Contextual

  • Category Contextual

  • Competitive Search Targeting

  • Email

  • Event targeting

  • Dynamic Creative


With ​IKonic Automated Intelligence you can pick the way you want to target your audience. Pick just one or choose them all...

  • Real-Time Consumer Data

  • Real-Time Ringless Voicemail Follow Up

  • Real-Time Email Follow Up

  • Facebook Audience Retargeting

  • On Demand USPS Letters

  • Text Messaging Services 


The IKonic Automated Intelligence system will do the rest. It works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and includes...

  • Unlimited Data

  • Unlimited Follow Up

  • Full-Time Account Management Team

  • Personalized Creative

  • Reporting and Analytics

  • Program Pixels

  • Program Setup

Knowledge without action

I know this may have been a lot to take in at one sitting but we at Ikonic Digital Marketing want to see you succeed in 2020. Now that you've read this information it's up to you to put it to use. One of my favorite quotes I've ever heard was "Knowledge is power but without action, it is useless. So take what you've learned and put it to use in your marketing plan and if you need some help, just reach out to us and we will gladly advise you on your digital marketing efforts.

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