Updated: Feb 20, 2020


This is by far the​ best conquest tool the industry has ever seen. Grow your market share off your competitors marketing efforts. We target clients at your competitions locations, collect data and send a specific marketing message in real time to their customers in order to drive traffic to your dealership. This will increase your daily traffic with in-market clients and ultimately help you to sell more of your inventory. We also track all conversion zones in order to optimize each campaign.


Target consumers based on location while they are truly in-market based on satellite-drawn 3 ft x 3 ft square blocks. This technology allows you to reach consumers while they are out and about and truly in-market. Capture your competitor's foot traffic and incentivize them to visit your location. Ask us at the end of the month how many customers we sent to your location.

Target your customers directly to their homes

You no longer have to spend more if you want more traffic or leads!

The most advanced database marketing technology. Great for customer base or in addition to your next direct mail campaign.

Conversion Zone

Conversion zones allow advertisers to track the number of people who come to your location after seeing your ad.

What To Expect From Geo Blanket

What Can IKonic Digital Marketing Do For Your Business?

Using the addresses decided on in the presale process, we send custom targeted display banners directly to all individuals in their home. We start the sales process for you by sending a Follow-up Email, Ringless Voicemail, and USPS letter in Real-Time to every person who saw your ad!

How Can You Use This to Increase Your Sales?

  • Increase awareness of your brand.

  • Increase click through website traffic.

  • Increase organic click through website traffic.

  • The ONLY Virtual BDC on the market that sends an Email, USPS Letter, and Ringless Voicemail in Real-Time.

What to Expect From Your Virtual BDC Software

See the traffic come directly to your store!

The most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising.

Conversion zones allow advertisers to track the amount of physical traffic to their location after a customer has visited a targeted geo-fenced location. Identify audiences responding to advertising by visiting a physical location as opposed to only a click or a call.

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